About Us

April's Farm opened in 2019.  It is located at Green Lane Farm, near Andover. A care farm and day care centre, its aim is to provide a farm experience for people with additional needs. Tasks involving animal care and farm work will help build self esteem, gain knowledge and new skills will be learnt.

There are ponies, alpacas, chickens and pigs at the moment. More animals will be coming soon.

Examples of people who may benefit from time at April’s Farm include those living with:

Learning Difficulties
Physical Disabilities


Eating Disorders
Downs Syndrome

We offer a taster session for the first visit with no charge.
On this visit or before, there will be a discussion with the visitor and their carer, to assess what they want from the visit and what support they will need.

Many parts of the farm are accessible for wheelchair users.  Our aim is to make the farm as inclusive as possible. Allowing people to enjoy interaction with animals who otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity.

Taster days are available with no charge before booking.



There is thirty acres of pasture and woodland to explore. If someone wants to take a break from the work and activities, they could choose a leisurely walk to enjoy the seeing deer, pheasants and other wildlife.

A Farm for all Seasons

Throughout the year, the farm work changes with the seasons. In the summer, we'll see hay making, in autumn,  hedge and tree planting. With winter, the summers hay crop becomes the winter feed. Spring brings new growth and spring planting.

Regular visitors will witness these transitions and be part of its story.


Getting Involved

Visitors will be encouraged to become involved in how the farm develops and deciding what direction it takes. Whether taking part in a brainstorming session or by doing the work to turn the idea in something real, there will be a sense of ownership. By having their ideas listened to and taking shape will boost self esteem and boost confidence.